Established in 1990, S&V Solutions, Inc. provides both consulting services and precision measurement and analysis services in the area of noise and vibration technology.

We use Brüel & Kjær instrumentation exclusively: multichannel FFT analysis, real-time spectrum analysis including sound intensity, and a broad array of transducers and calibrators for the highest level of precision and accuracy attainable.

S&V also has a full set of service manuals and instruction manuals for both current and vintage Bruel& Kjaer equipment.

All S&V engineering efforts are accomplished with an eye towards a transfer of technology to the client company technical staff. Our in-house seminar program offers custom-tailored short courses designed to get staff engineers up to speed quickly on various topics in noise and vibration.

Our commitment to noise and vibration investigations can be seen in our investments in relevant technologies: modal analysis, acoustic intensity, order tracking, and post-processing analysis software.

Our 20' x 20' very low noise semi-anechoic chamber can be used for sound pressure, sound power, or acoustic intensity testing of products with sound levels as low as 28 dB(A). The laboratory resources include machine shop, fabrication and welding capabilities so that prototype changes can be implemented and tested.

Our Specialties:
  • Hand Tool Testing
  • Site Surveys
  • Motor Testing
  • Acoustic Chamber Tests
  • Motorcycle Testing
  • Concert Hall Acoustics
  • Simulated Human Response Testing
  • Modal Testing
  • Custom Built Noise Chambers